Why GTC?

What Makes GTC Different?                         

When is a sport more than a sport?  When does it stop being about the rules and the score and become something bigger?  At GTC, tennis is our passion—not only for the love of the game, but for the love of the community it creates.  GTC’s primary focus is to provide life skills to children, life experiences to adults, and lasting fun to both groups by providing high quality sports training.  As a GTC member, you’ll benefit from more than just our first rate facilities and dedicated training staff.  You’ll also be learning a sport that will let you have fun, stay fit, and make friends for life.

 With tennis, it’s never too early to start and it’s never too late to learn.  This is part of what makes it such an ideal activity for today’s busy families. Children and parents can learn the sports together, working towards increased physical fitness as they spend quality time together. We believe participation in organized sports helps people of all ages to learn cooperative skills, build character, develop self-confidence, and initiate a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we offer world-class instruction and state-of-the art facilities to help both families and individuals achieve their personal goals.

A large part of our focus has nothing to do with nets and racquets. One of our biggest goals is to foster a sense of community between our members and provide them with opportunities for quality recreational activities and social interactions. The clubhouse is a hub of activity, where members greet one another on the way to cook-outs, tournaments, and clinics. You’ll have the chance to meet others who share your interest while attending a variety of  exciting social events. 

There are many ways to benefit from all that GTC has to offer.  To join the growing family of GTC members, simply call the club to set up a membership appointment.  Don’t forget to mention if one of our members told you about us, since we always give them something for their endorsement.  There are also many other ways to get started at GTC — Just call the club and the program director responsible for your area of interest will get you going with an introductory program and offer.