From the moment Greenville Tennis Club started as a dream, the club was envisioned as a great place where players socialized around the greatest game.  Every brick that was laid and every ball and meal fed has kept that in mind.  Today GTC exists as a place with a smorgasbord of social activity including our staples, the four Grand Slam Events , the annual Singles Ladders, weekly Men’s Night, Saturday and Sunday Morning Socials, as well as our annual Member Color Wars Tournament.   It is a variety of events, socials and mixers spread throughout the calendar.


A membership at GTC comes with a promise to get you involved and if you have the time, we have the friends to introduce you to.  Give it a try, it’s a whole lot of fun.  This is your club and the options are almost limitless. 

GTC Socials:  

– Men’s Night social is every Tuesday evening, sign in is by 6:45 PM and we do the rest.

We will set up matches for everyone, assign courts and provide a

new free can of balls for every match.
– Saturday social is every Saturday morning.  It is a co-ed weekly social with two time slots to participate in.

Round one sign in is by 8:45 AM and round two sign in is by 10:15 AM.

 Sign in and we do the rest! We set up matches, assign courts and

provide a new free can of balls for every court.

Men’s morning social Thursday morning at 9:30 AM.