Beginner Seniors

Are you 50 years old or older and never played tennis?

Are you new to tennis or returning to the game from childhood?

Socials, ball machines, group lessons and of course clay courts. 

come and join us……. new senior memberships $60.00 a month.


Hard courts can be brutal on players over 40, causing 75% more injuries than soft-court play.  You can significantly reduce the risks when you play on one of our hydrogrid soft courts.  The surface has a shock absorbing cushion, so players can slide into shots without joint-jarring stops.

With safe appealing facilities, as well as programs and teaching that cater to today’s senior player looking for a challenge to go along with the fun, Greenville Tennis Club is the place to be.  Join one of our many senior or super senior teams or just take part in good-natured fun on the court in one of our numerous daytime, weekend or evening socials.

Come find out how GTC clay courts can extend your playing years well into the future.

Senior Players

Are you already a player and just need to find a tennis home? If you have never been a member at GTC and you “qualify” for senior play, then GTC is the place for you.   There is no better time to join, then right now.  We are waiving the initiation fee associated with your membership.  Three months of free ball machine use and a free half hour private lesson are also included in your membership. 

Tuesday morning men’s social,  ladies daytime teams and much more!!

Call us to set up a time for a tour or to attend one of our socials for free.   288-4288.